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To “create a proof” means to make a digital proof or have a digital proof made. The term is synonymous with the word “to proof”.

The word proof refers to a colour and legally binding proof according to ISO 12647-7 in the current revision from 2016.


Cromalin is a proofing production method, developed by DuPont in the 70s. The production of Cromalin proofs are done by layers of successive exposures on film which are then laminated onto special paper.

Today Cromalin are no longer important in the production of proofs. It wasi completely replaced by cheaper and faster digital Inkjet proofing.



Removing the background or insignificant elements from an image, in order to…

– Avoid distraction by the background or secondary elements of the image.
Sometimes it is enough for this purpose to merely weaken the background (partial cropping).

– carry out a photomontage.
The subject is to be used on a different background.

Crop marks

Lines printed at the corners of the page to mark the final size of the design. The page is cut along these marks.

Also referred to as: trim marks, cut marks, crop margins.


The CropBox is the second largest box of a PDF file. It describes the part of a PDF file which is to be output to a printer or screen. It is often the same as the Mediabox.


CRPC originates from the American sector and stands for “Characterized Reference Printing Conditions”.

GRACoL and SWOP are the best known G7-based reference printing conditions. However, these two data sets do not represent the full range of inks used in the industry. The American IDEAlliance has developed a series of G7 characterization data sets that show G7 printing over a selection of common substrates. As a result of these efforts, a new standard was introduced in 2013.
CGATS 21 offers a range of G7-based reference print characterizations that represent the seven most common printing conditions:

CRPC1: gamut size and substrate of coldset news.
CRPC2: gamut size and substrate of commercial newsprint, flexo on porous substrate.
CRPC3: gamut size and substrate uncoated offset substrates with OBA.
CRPC4: gamut size of substrate SCA, offset, gravure and uncoated corrugated.
CRPC5: gamut size of and substrate of SWOP, publication gravure and wide web flexo.
CRPC6: gamut size and substrate of GRACoL, narrow web fl exo, commercial gravure, typical screen and digital.
CRPC7: gamut size of premium processes, offset, flexo, digital.

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