PSD is “Process Standard Digital Printing” by the Fogra as PSO stands for for “Process Standard Offset”.

Process Standard Digital Printing certified companies operate mainly in the field of small-scale or large-format digital printing. The certification is valid for two years and then must be re-certified.

Under the PSD certification criteria process control output, color stability and the correct processing of PDF-X data and color profiles are checked.


PSO stands for “ProcessStandard Offset Printing”, a standard that was developed by Fogra and the German Printing and Media Industry together. The ProcessStandard Offset Printing is a set of standards for offset printing. With test equipment and control by measurments as described in the PSO, the printing process of the data delivery and data preparation on the platemaking is monitored, controlled and checked.

The following standards are summarized in PSO – “ProcessStandard Offset Printing:

ISO 00005-4: Optical density
ISO 02846-1: Printing inks
ISO 03664: Standard Lighting
ISO 12218: Platesetting analog
ISO 12641: Scanner Testchart
ISO 12642: Output test charts
ISO 12646: Monitors
ISO 12647-2: standard pressure
ISO 12647-7: Digital Proof
ISO 13655: Spectral color measurement
ISO 13656: Densitometric and colorimetric measurement
ISO 14981: Densitometer



PSR stands for “Process Standard Rotogravure”, a standard provided by Fogra, ECI and the German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm).
The Process Standard Rotogravure is a standard developed for gravure printing.

As the printing industry is in a constant state of change, the PSR_V2 standards were revised in 2019 to reflect the new paper colouring and measuring conditions:

PSR LWC Standard V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_LWC_STD_V2_M1.icc
The successor of LWC Standard (PSR_LWC_STD_V2_PT)

PSR LWC Plus V2 M1 v2 (2020)
Profile: PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1_v2.icc
The Sucessor of LWC Plus (PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1, PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_PT )

PSR SC Standard V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_SC_STD_V2_M1.icc
The successor of SC Standard (PSR_SC_STD_V2_PT)

PSR SC Plus V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_SC_Plus_V2_M1.icc
The successor of SC Plus (PSR_SC_PLUS_V2_PTc)

PSR MF V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_MF_V2_M1.icc
The successor of News Plus (PSRgravureMF)


Other standards:

LWC Standard (2009)
Profile: PSR_LWC_STD_V2_PT.icc

LWC Plus (2009)
Profile: PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_PT.icc

SC Standard (2009)
Profile: PSR_SC_STD_V2.icc

SC Plus (2009)
Profile: PSR_SC_Plus_V2.icc

News Plus (2004)
Profile: PSRgravureMF.icc


Further information can be found on the ECI website.

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