Heaven 42

Heaven 42 is a high-white (CIE = 157), coated fine paper of Scheufelen in Lenningen in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Heaven 42 is especially suitable for technical motifs (shades of gray, silver tones from 4c, strong chiaroscuro contrasts). These perform on Heaven 42 particularly brilliant and neutral. For warm tones (z. B. skintones) color adjustments are recommended.

Color Adjustments for Heaven 42

With intense printing experiments it was found that the ICC profile provided on www.heaven42.com can be used. This profile, we can also reproduce in the proof.

The absolutely white paper shade of heaven 42 has effects in printung – as well as prepress. With an unchanged separation (eg with ICC profile “ISOcoated_v2”), the printed image with the same color and dot gain affects considerably colder.

This property is good for the implementation of technical designs. For pictures of people and skin tones, however, the high degree of whiteness results in a noticeable blue tint. Therefore, an adjustment of the colors to the desired color appearance is required.

The Proof GmbH is able to deliver proofs of Scheufelen Color Profiles for Heaven 42. The proofs are printed on paper with optical brightning agents (OBA) and measured in M1 mode taking into account the optical brighteners.

More information can be found on www.heaven42.com


OBA is the abbreviation for “Optical Brightning Agents” or optical brighteners.

Optical brighteners are additives that are used by paper manufacturers to make a paper look white and luminous.

To make a paper look white, it is important to add substances that shift the invisible ultraviolet spectrum between 320 and 400 nanometers into the visible range from 400 nanometers onwards. The paper is thereby bluish or fluoresces in areas that are just visible to the human eye so that our eyes perceive that as a brighter, bluish white. Color measurements are so easily corrupted by optical brighteners, for example, created profiles could be yellowish, because the meter is trying to correct the blue cast of the paper.

Many “white” papers have optical brighteners in it. Sometimes, the brightening effect will weaken over a relatively short period of several years, as the whiteness of the paper will vanish over time.