Altona Test Suite

The Altona Test Suite is a test equipment package for printers and prepress companies. In the current version it includes the Roman16 reference images, different test forms for different applications (technical test forms, visual test forms etc.), reference prints for all test forms, ICC profiles, reference data of all test forms and technical documentation.

With the Altona Test Suite, companies can easily and precisely control the colour reproduction of all print-relevant hardware and software components within a printing company or prepress operation. It is published by the bvdm and will be available from June 2016 in Version 2+, which includes the innovations regarding Fogra51 / Fogra52 in addition to the classic ISO 12647 profiles.


Bundesverband Druck und Medien: The German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm) is the central association of the German printing industry. As an employers’ association, political trade association and technical trade association, it represents the positions and objectives of the printing industry vis-à-vis politics, administration, unions and suppliers.

The bvdm is supported by nine regional associations in which the printing and media companies are organized as members.


PSR stands for “Process Standard Rotogravure”, a standard provided by Fogra, ECI and the German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm).
The Process Standard Rotogravure is a standard developed for gravure printing.

As the printing industry is in a constant state of change, the PSR_V2 standards were revised in 2019 to reflect the new paper colouring and measuring conditions:

PSR LWC Standard V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_LWC_STD_V2_M1.icc
The successor of LWC Standard (PSR_LWC_STD_V2_PT)

PSR LWC Plus V2 M1 v2 (2020)
Profile: PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1_v2.icc
The Sucessor of LWC Plus (PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_M1, PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_PT )

PSR SC Standard V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_SC_STD_V2_M1.icc
The successor of SC Standard (PSR_SC_STD_V2_PT)

PSR SC Plus V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_SC_Plus_V2_M1.icc
The successor of SC Plus (PSR_SC_PLUS_V2_PTc)

PSR MF V2 M1 (2019)
Profile: PSR_MF_V2_M1.icc
The successor of News Plus (PSRgravureMF)


Other standards:

LWC Standard (2009)
Profile: PSR_LWC_STD_V2_PT.icc

LWC Plus (2009)
Profile: PSR_LWC_PLUS_V2_PT.icc

SC Standard (2009)
Profile: PSR_SC_STD_V2.icc

SC Plus (2009)
Profile: PSR_SC_Plus_V2.icc

News Plus (2004)
Profile: PSRgravureMF.icc


Further information can be found on the ECI website.

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