Chromo board

Chromo board refers to a multi-layer type of cardboard with a coated, usually white front side and an uncoated back side. It is very resistant to bending, splitting and peeling and can be easily scored, die-cut or grooved.

During production, the front side is coated several times, whereby the top layer of chalk, pigments and binders ensures a smooth, glossy surface with excellent printability.
The mostly uncoated reverse side, on the other hand, is made of recycled pulp or bleached mechanical pulp, which makes it less printable but very easy to write on.

Chromo board is mainly used for packaging printing (boxes, book and brochure covers, etc.) but also for postcards, flyers or folders.
Chromokarton can also be used for archiving, as it is very light and age-resistant, if produced acid-free.

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