CRPC originates from the American sector and stands for “Characterized Reference Printing Conditions”.

GRACoL and SWOP are the best known G7-based reference printing conditions. However, these two data sets do not represent the full range of inks used in the industry. The American IDEAlliance has developed a series of G7 characterization data sets that show G7 printing over a selection of common substrates. As a result of these efforts, a new standard was introduced in 2013.
CGATS 21 offers a range of G7-based reference print characterizations that represent the seven most common printing conditions:

CRPC1: gamut size and substrate of coldset news.
CRPC2: gamut size and substrate of commercial newsprint, flexo on porous substrate.
CRPC3: gamut size and substrate uncoated offset substrates with OBA.
CRPC4: gamut size of substrate SCA, offset, gravure and uncoated corrugated.
CRPC5: gamut size of and substrate of SWOP, publication gravure and wide web flexo.
CRPC6: gamut size and substrate of GRACoL, narrow web fl exo, commercial gravure, typical screen and digital.
CRPC7: gamut size of premium processes, offset, flexo, digital.

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