Validation print

A Validation Print is a color-accurate print according to ISO 12647-8. The Validation Print has higher color tolerances than the contract proof according to ISO 12647-7 and, unlike the contract proof, is NOT color- and legally binding.

Since even cheaper digital printing systems are capable of producing Validation Prints through continuous calibration and profiling, they are sold as proofs by numerous suppliers under artificial names such as “Design Proof”, “Schwaben Proof”, “ISO Raster Proof” and many more. Also the company Xerox invited to “Proofing with Xerox” events, although currently no Xerox system is able to achieve contract “Proof” quality, but only Validation “Print” standard. However, a “Print with Xerox” event would certainly have attracted far fewer participants.

The quality and performance of a Validation Print System can, for example, be checked and issued by Fogra with the “Validation Print Creation” certificate. Companies that are certified by Fogra to produce Validation Prints are likely to carry the FograCert logo. Using the certification number, it is easy to check on the Fogra website whether it is correct and valid.

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