Proof cheap

Proof cheap is a typical search term that people use in search engines to search for a cheap, colour and legally binding proof. But what makes a cheap proof?

A proof becomes a proof that it is produced according to the specifications of the latest revision of the proofing standard ISO 12467-7 and that it is within the tolerances of this standard. The current revision is ISO 12647-7:2016, which has been tightened even further with this standard and has been supplemented by a certified edition of spot colours such as PANTONE and HKS.

Such certified proofs can be ordered at for all proof profiles.

But what makes a certified proof cheap? Well, the low price. Proofs are printed on certified proof papers on very high-quality pigment inkjet printers using mostly expensive proof software and measured with spectrophotometers. So how can you produce cheaply here?

You can find further information on the subject of cheap proofs here.

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