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IDEAlliance launches new V2 ICC Profiles

On, new V2 ICC profile versions of the CRPC Profiles are available. The download includes the following ICC profiles: SWOP2013C5_CRPC5 V2.icc CGATS21_CRPC3 V2.icc CGATS21_CRPC7 V2.icc CGATS21_CRPC5 V2.icc CGATS21_CRPC4 V2.icc GRACoL2013UNC_CRPC3 V2.icc CGATS21_CRPC2 V2.icc CGATS21_CRPC1 V2.icc GRACoL2013_CRPC6 V2.icc CGATS21_CRPC6 V2.icc No further documentation was available at that point on the IDEAlliance Website. The ICC files can be downloaded in a ZIP file here: Version 2 (V2) ICC CRPC Profiles

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