Job ticket

Each colour and legally binding proof comes with a job ticket on which the most important frame data for the proof and data processing are listed. The job ticket is usually placed between the proof and the media wedge.

The job ticket must contain the following information (normative):

Contract Proof according to ISO 12647-7”
Name of the printing system (printer, software)
Designation of the colourants (inks)
Name of the substrate used
Identification of the pressure condition to be simulated
Date and time of proof creation
The colour profiles used, but at least the simulation profile used

The following information can also be included (optional):

Date and time of the last calibration (normative only for Validation Print)
Rendering Intents (is in 99% of the cases “absolutely colorimetric”)

Neben dem Fiery bzw. EFI Logo steht das sogenannte "Jobticket".
Next to the Fiery or EFI logo is the so-called “job ticket” of the proof.
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