New PANTONE Formula Guides with incorrect ink formulations

Several errors have crept into the new PANTONE 2023 fan decks. In both the PANTONE Solid Coated and the Solid Uncoated color fans, there are colours for which the new ink formulations are incorrect.

In the PANTONE Formula Guide Solid Coated fan 2023, PANTONE 107 C and PANTONE 108 C have absolutely identical ink recipes, as well as PANTONE 113 C and PANTONE 114 C. As the colors differ, this cannot be the correct.

Several errors in the PANTONE Solid Uncoated fan 2023

In the PANTONE Solid Uncoated fan 2023 it gets even more critical: In the new fan, PANTONE 106 U and PANTONE 107 U have exactly the same ink formulation, the same applies to the formulations of PANTONE 108 U and PANTONE 109 U as well as for PANTONE 113 U and PANTONE 114 U which also have identical colour formulations.

PANTONE Connect also with formulation errors

But not only in print are the formulations wrong, in PANTONE Connect the shown formulations are identically wrong. In one case, in PANTONE Connect, the PANTONE 109 U spot colour even has a different, but nevertheless incorrect formulation, as it shows the exact ink percentages of the PANTONE 110 U.

At the same time, there are 3 formulations for 1 colour:

Currently there are three formulations for PANTONE 109 U within PANTONE, as the former fandecks are still available for sale on the PANTONE website: Of the three formulations, one is old and the two new ones are wrong.


  • The “old” formulation of the still available previous fans:
    PANTONE Yellow: 98.5%
    PANTONE Warm Red 1.50%
  • The new formulation of the 2023 fan, probably wrong:
    PANTONE Yellow PY 12: 27.01%
    PANTONE Orange 016: 1.07%
    PANTONE HD Extender: 71.92%
  • The new formulation from PANTONE Connect, probably wrong:
    PANTONE Yellow PY 12: 51.95%
    PANTONE Orange 016: 3.28%
    PANTONE HD Extender: 44,77%

An annoying mishap that PANTONE has made here. I am curious if and when PANTONE will correct the mistakes. In PANTONE Connect it can be done with a simple update, but current colour fans will hardly be able to be exchanged or supplemented with corrected pages.

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2 thoughts on “New PANTONE Formula Guides with incorrect ink formulations”

  1. Hello Matthias.
    Nice explanation and well documented example!
    One more brick which explains what this company became, so far.

    You certainly already heard about new approaches avoiding the use of Pantone as the only Spot Color system reference. The BBCG project from Eddy Haggen/Dr. Kai Lankinen proves there are some other ways to deal with.


  2. Hi!

    It is not wrong! Pantone has updated the Formula guide because of new solid inks and some metamerian effect after coating! The new 14 colour based inks comes without Barium. They also changed the transparent white to HD extender to reducing some yellowing effects. And the whole new thing was formulated to it’s paper colour too. That is why there is a difference between formulated colour and Pantone Connect.
    So, when You define a spot Color just use it’s number as before, but when You formulating it, the best way is to use a formulation software and techniques and set the Pantone digital spot as reference!
    The printed Pantone Formule Guide book has an aim to show the spot colours with less colour deviation than 2 (dE 2000).


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