What is the UGRA-Fogra Media Wedge 3.0 used for?

Every print shop in Germany adheres to a predefined standard, the process standard offset printing. This standard defines target and tolerance values for printed products. In order to prove that your proof delivered to the print shop meets these standards or is within the tolerances, the media wedge is measured and the values analysed in case of doubt – i.e. in case of a streak. If these measured values are correct, the print shop is obliged to adhere to and achieve these values.

Practice generally shows the following: If you want to have a 4-page image brochure proofed and printed, it is usually sufficient to have a single media wedge printed under the 4 pages. If the media wedge is also provided with a test report, the colour accuracy for the print shop is directly confirmed as a guideline.
However, if you want to be on the safe side, have a separate media wedge (including test report) printed under each of the 4 pages of your brochure.

Matthias Betz

Matthias Betz

Born in 1970. Owner and CEO of Proof GmbH in Tübingen. Since the 1990s, Matthias is dealing with colour management, proofing, standardised lighting technology, colour-consistent work and soft proofing. He is a certified PDFX-ready Expert (X-1a and X-4) and a member of the examination board for media design at IHK Reutlingen. Proof GmbH is the first worldwide company certified for PSOCoatedV3 and PSOUncoatedV3 Contract Proofing.

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  1. I have a question regarding Fogra39L and the use of GMG semi matte OBA. Is it correct to print Fogra39L ( ISO Coated v2 300 ) on an OBA paper or should Fogra 51 be used

    1. Strictly speaking, Fogra39 is an M0 standard that should also be printed on a brightener-free proof paper such as the 4245 from EFI or the GMG ProofMedia premium semiMatte 250. However, since many production papers today are already rather in terms of OBA and paper white on the paper tone of the GMG OBA paper, in my opinion you can certainly consider proofing Fogra39 on the GMG OBA paper, measuring M0 and tweaking the paper white in the direction of LAB 95/0/-2 again.
      We at proof.de really do separate them consistently: M0 standards on non-OBA proofing paper, M1 standards on OBA proofing paper. But then we have the effort to always have one OBA and one Non-OBA for Coated and Uncoated in stock in our six used roll widths… that’s a lot of proofing paper rolls 🙂

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