is featured twice in the “Fogra Aktuell” magazine

In the current issue of Fogra News “Fogra Aktuell” Proof GmbH is involved in two places.

Firstly, a summary of the Fogra report on our first FOGRA55 certification for seven-colour printing with extended colour space in CMYKOGV appeared.

Photo: “Fogra Aktuell” report on Proof GmbH’s certification for Fogra55, the first CMYKOGV exchange colour space for extended seven-colour printing.

You can also find more information on our FOGRA55 certification on the Fogra website:

and on

  • We passed the first proof certification for the 7C proof under FOGRA55

    We passed the first proof certification for the 7C proof under FOGRA55

    A few days ago Proof GmbH was the first company to be certified for proofing for the new 7C exchange colour space FOGRA55. Fogra has developed characterisation data for extended multicolour printing with the printing colours CMYKOGV – i.e. cyan, magenta, yellow, black (contrast), orange, green and violet – FOGRA55 as part of a research…

And secondly, there was a report on the completion of the research project for textile digital printing, FOGRA58, in which we were allowed to investigate and test the proof capability of the new textile RGB colour space TextileRGB in relation to practice.

Detailed information on FOGRA58 can be found on the Fogra homepage:

Information about our presentation at the Colormanagement Symposium can be found on

  • Look back: Fogra Color Management Symposium 2020

    The 7th Fogra Color Management Symposium was held in Munich from February 12 to 13, 2020, to which I was invited as a speaker for the area of proofing in Session 6. I reported on our tests in proofing for the Fogra58-Beta-Textile-RGB Standard for textile digital printing. The Fogra Color Management Symposium is one of…

    Look back: Fogra Color Management Symposium 2020

You can download the current issue 72 here:

All older issues can also be downloaded free of charge from Fogra:

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