Colour management

With colour management it can be achieved that colours on different devices like cameras, scanners, monitors, laser, inkjet, offset printers and many more can be reproduced as similar as possible to each other.

Therefore device-dependent colour spaces must be used. A well working colour management will map the gamut of each device as Monitores and printer and device-independent colour spaces such as Adobe RGB 1998

Modern colour management systems use instruments such as the X-Rite i1 Pro 2 and related colour management software that creates and manages colour profiles within application programs such as the Adobe product range provides.

Monitor calibration

In order to judge colours, the computer monitor must be calibrated. This ensures that colours and contrasts are displayed correctly on the screen.
A measuring device is recommended for this purpose, as monitor calibration with the eye is very error-prone.
The resulting calibration is stored as a monitor profile.


The company NEC is currently considered one of the most competent manufacturers of proof monitors. The NEC Spectraview series in particular offers sophisticated monitor technology and clever software solutions for high-quality colour processing.

The NEC SpectraView Reference series consists of high-quality LCD monitors with 10-bit AH-IPS and GB-r LED backlighting for colour-critical applications. The numerous functions and advantages ensure the best possible picture quality and colour fidelity

Further information: http://www.nec-display-solutions.com/p/de/de/home.xhtml

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