Fogra60 proofs for metal decor printing available

Shortly after ISO 12647-9:2021, part 9 of the printing standard for the metal decorating process with offset lithography, the characterisation data for Fogra60 and the matching ICC profile have now also been published by the ECI.

The colour profile is suitable for the production of CMYK offset prints on metallic substrates that have been printed with a white coating, i.e. flat printed metal sheets according to MC1 or Metal1. It doesn’t apply to formed or pre-formed metal, such as pre-formed cans.

Printing on metal is different from offset printing on paper or board according to ISO 12647-2, especially due to the colour values of the typical white coated metal substrate. The white of the metal in LAB is 84/-2/-6, which is not nearly as white as most offset papers.

From now on you can order proofs for metal decor printing on The Fogra60 profile is directly selectable in all formats from DIN A6 to DIN A0+. The information on the profile and the characterisation data can also be found on the Fogra and ECI websites:

Metal-Printing MPC1 FOGRA60 – Metal print on white lacquered sheet metal New 2022
Profile: Metal-Printing_MPC1_FOGRA60.icc
The characterisation data FOGRA60 apply to offset printing on white lacquered sheet metal (Metal 1) according to ISO 12647-9:2021.
Characterisation data: FOGRA60.txt

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