TL 84

Light of the neon fluorescent type F11 or TL84 is the classic neon light, the typical “department store lighting”. TL84 represents a three-band fluorescent lamp with 4000 Kelvin. This light is installed in many standard light boxes, to compare the reproduction of materials or surfaces with D50 or D65 standard light.

Tonal Value Increase

Dot gain or Tonal Value Increase is the difference between the halftone values in the original and the halftone values in print. This difference is caused by printing technology.


Transparent printing inks that are not opaque are used in four-colour printing.
Special colours such as PANTONE are also usually transparent.


The Trimbox is the final format of a PDF file without bleed. For an A4, the Trimbox of the PDF is therefore 210x297mm, while the Bleedbox would be 216x303mm with 3mm bleed all around.

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