Fiery is a product range of the company EFI – Electronics for Imaging. While in the past the name Fiery was mainly present for controllers for printers, now proofing and production systems are marketed under the name Fiery.

The popular proofing software “EFI Colorproof XF” was renamed in 2013 to “Fiery XF”.

Film lamination

Film lamination is a thin foil coating which helps to protect the product (e.g. a book) from dirt and traces of use.

Common types of film lamination are:

  • Wet lamination
    A viscous adhesive is applied to the film, which is then pressed onto the material under pressure and heat. The solvent in the adhesive evaporates.
  • Thermal lamination
    The film is already coated with a thermoactive adhesive that reacts to heat and liquefies.

Film lamination can also be used as a design element to enhance the product with a special look (gold, silver, mother-of-pearl, gloss, matt) or feel (silky, smooth, etc.).

FM screen

With frequency-modulated screening (non-periodic screening), the halftone dots are distributed pseudo-randomly. Different tonal values result from the varying number of dots of the same size on one surface.
FM screening produces better colour gradients and avoids Moiré effects.
Especially finer details can be displayed better with an FM screen than with an AM screen.


Fogra Technology Research Association with headquarters in Munich is a service provider for the printing industry. It has four areas of work:

  • Research and Development
  • Counseling, testing and inspection
  • Committee work and standardization
  • Knowledge Transfer and Qualification

Fogra has around 800 members from the printing industry and the supply industry and around 60 employees, including engineers, chemists and physicists.

Relevant to the proof is the Fogra in several places:

  • The Ugra / Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3.0 is used as a controlling agent for verification of proofs
  • The audit records Fogra be applied (eg Fogra 39 for proofs according ISOcoatedv2
  • Fogra certifies companies for the production of contract proofs, as well as proof-papers and more.
  • Thus, for example, the Proof GmbH certified for creating proofs to Fogra 39 and 47



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