The Mediabox is one of the five box sizes of a PDF file. It describes the largest of all boxes; the Cropbox, Bleedbox, Trimbox and the Artbox or Boundingbox are all smaller than the Mediabox and within it. The only box that must always be included in a PDF document is the mediabox.


The term metamerism is understood as the effect that two things may look the same under one light, but completely different under another light.

In practical terms can be mooring at an example: If a yellow sheet of paper and a sheet of white paper under yellowish light are considered, both appear the same. If the same sheets are viewed under white light, one sheet is white, whereas the other sheet is yellow, so a completely different colour.

This metamerism can especially occur very strong, if different colours and methods are used for the production. The gray of a proof is often made of several inks of the 11-colour proofing systems, while a neutral gray in an offset print ist often made from only one colour: black. The risk of colour shift is therefore higher for the proof than for the pure black in offset printing. Even in colourpatches of fabrics and prints strong metamerism may occur.

Lighting can also be a reason for metamerism. A perfect proof-to-print-match unter D50 standardized light might well be, but under sunlight with UV influence or incandescent light in the evening there can be huge colour deviations because of metamerism.



The Moiré effect or, in other words, a halftone overlay, is a common phenomenon when viewing prints. It occurs when two even patterns overlap unevenly.Moiré Effekt

When does Moiré appear?

Moiré always occurs when screens overlap. Typical examples:

  • You have scanned in a newspaper ad and print it in another newspaper.
  • You print the portrait of a managing director wearing a jacket with a fine houndstooth pattern, a checkered shirt and a finely patterned tie. Regardless of the printing process, complete Moiré chaos is guaranteed to break out here.
  • A brick building is reproduced in offset printing.
  • The photograph of a ventilation grille is viewed on a monitor

You can find further information here:
What is Moiré? And can I see Moiré in a proof?

Monitor calibration

In order to judge colours, the computer monitor must be calibrated. This ensures that colours and contrasts are displayed correctly on the screen.
A measuring device is recommended for this purpose, as monitor calibration with the eye is very error-prone.
The resulting calibration is stored as a monitor profile.


In order to describe colors accurately and avoid metamerism, modern color measurement is increasingly no longer carried out via colorimeter that can measure one color spot in the 3-dimensional colorspace LAB, but by spectral measurement, ie the recording of the complete emission spectrum or reflection spectrum of a color.

Even with cameras, this technology is used. So images are no longer to be photographed in RGB, but with systems such as the Can:View, images can can be photographed in 16 individual spectra between 400 and 700 nm with 11 million pixels. Each of these pixels is thus defined spectrally.

In retouching, one type of light can be used, D50 or D65 for example, and – since the spectrum of the illuminant is known – the image can be easily processed by the multi-spectral data with a mouse click on the required standard light for retouching.

At present, with the can:view (softproof system) and the can:scan (camera system) a complete system is on the market for recording and edition images with multispectral data. Outside catalog manufacturers and fashion companies, the technology has not yet arrived in the broad market.


Munken papers are high quality uncoated papers by Arctic Papier, which are available in certain colours. Arctic has also created ICC profiles for this purpose, which take the particular properties of the papers into account. ICC profiles are available for the following papers:

Munken Crystal
Munken Crystal Rough
Munken Polar
Munken Polar Rough
Munken Lynx
Munken Lynx Rough
Munken Pure
Munken Pure Rough
Munken Print Cream
Munken Print White

We will be happy to provide proofs with these profiles upon request.

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