Even more safety: shop.proof.de now with strong SSL encryption

We have used the past few weeks, to protect our proof Store shop.proof.de with a SSL certification (EV). Thus the whole communication between you and the shop is protected with a high level of encryption.
shop.proof.de: SSL Verschlüsselung ist sofort sichtbar

You recognize the active encryption by slight green bar in the browser. If you click on the lock, you will get more information about the certificate and the issuing body GeoTrust. And you can see at first glance: you are really connected to the Proof GmbH in Tübingen.
shop.proof.de: schnelle Zertifikats-Übersicht


If you click on the lock a more accurate preview  opens on the SSL certificate.

Clicking on “more information”, you will see the detail of the issued by GeoTrust SSL certificate of the Proof GmbH.

shop.proof.de: Detailansicht des SSL-Zertifikats


A SSL certificate with extended validation as ours is a special type of page verification, which is significantly more expensive than other types of verification page. A gray padlock indicates that a site uses a secure connection, a green lock indicates that the connection is secure and is the owner of the domain is in fact the expected owner.

With the EV certificate, you can see through the Site Identity Button that shop.proof.de is owned by the Proof GmbH because the owner’s name is displayed directly in the button. The identity dialog contains additional information about the site.

By SSL encryption we want to make sure that all communication between you, the Proof Shop and us is encrypted. Besides the https encryption, in the background all data between the shop and us is soley transmitted through an encrypted FTP connection.

Matthias Betz

Matthias Betz

Born in 1970. Owner and CEO of Proof GmbH in Tübingen. Since the 1990s, Matthias is dealing with colour management, proofing, standardised lighting technology, colour-consistent work and soft proofing. He is a certified PDFX-ready Expert (X-1a and X-4) and a member of the examination board for media design at IHK Reutlingen. Proof GmbH is the first worldwide company certified for PSOCoatedV3 and PSOUncoatedV3 Contract Proofing.

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