Fogra Fogra 51 and 52: No Start in sight.

Fogra Fogra 51 and 52, optical brighteners and the new standards for offset printing and proofing are currently on everyone’s lips. In the proof area we still see only announcements and beta versions, but no real solutionsby now. In 2013 the reorganization of ISO 12647-2 was adopted for offset printing, but according to ECI the earliest “expected recommendation on the implementation of the new ISO 12647-2 as well as the provision of appropriate handouts and instruments’ will be in 2015. The current status of Fogra 51 and Fogra 52 from our perspective:

Color profiles:

  • Fogra Fogra 51 and 52 have completed the beta phase at the Fogra in May 2014 and were forwarded to the ECI. The there in the project “fred15” compiled information and downloads are but from March, July to October 2014, but since then there has been no more news on the new standards. So there is currently no date for the release of the final profiles, handouts and tools foreseeable. Fogra, ECI, bvdm and UGRA continue to work together on the new standards.

Proof Papers:

ONE Technologies: The proofing paper for Fogra 51, already announced in May is still not available today.
ONE Technologies: The proofing paper for Fogra 51, already announced in May is still not available today.
  • ONE Technologies announced in May 2014, the certified proofing paper “ONE Proof Paper 51 SATIN” on … that in November is not yet available anywhere.
  • GMG announced in October, the proofing paper “GMG Proof semimatte 250 OBA”, which to this day is also available anywhere.
  • Also working on new  proofing substrates is EFI, but naming, pricing and release dates are not known.

Measuring technology:

  • Epson announced in August to deliver from 1 September 2014 all Epson SpectroProofer measuring devices with the new measuring head ILS 30 only. Unfortunately, the new SpectroProofer is not yet commercially available as an accessory.
  • While all previous sources reported that the new SpectroProofer –  Although Fogra 51 and 52, ie M1 and M2 capable, can not measure ISOcoatedv2 or M0. EFI with Fiery XF 6.1 and the SpectroProofer ILS 30 support all measurement modes, ie Fogra 51 and 52 and ISOcoatedv2 simultaneously … unfortunately is neither Fiery XF 6.1. previously available nor the SpectroProofer … but according to EFI they are currently testing all 3 modes … M0, M1 and M2 with the new SpectroProofer … that sounds promising.
  • Whether the recent SpectroProofer housing can be retrofitted with new gauges and Backing Plates is not yet known. All circulating information on the net for show the new SpectroProofer ILS 30 in the housing of the Epson SpectroProofer 4900


  • The new standards Fogra Fogra 51 and 52 have long been prepared and discussed. Key points of the new standards as the general objective, paper classes etc. are known and beta versions of the profiles in circulation, but final profiles are not currently available.
  • measuring technology manufacturers and proofing paper manufacturers are well prepared and have solutions announced but not yet purchasable
  • Software manufacturers like EFI and GMG are at present working on the implementation of the new requirements and solutions.

Also, we at not yet know how and when we can carry out the conversion and how we will perform it. In terms of measurement we are with by an external X-Rite I1 Pro2 already able to measure the new standards and also have downloaded the beta profiles of the Fogra (FOGRA51beta M1 and M0 or FOGRA52beta M1 and M0) and are tracking the development. But due to the lack of M1 capable proofing papers, we are currently unable to take further steps. Once the new profiles, measurement techniques and papers will be available, we will continue testing on the new standards.

Nachtrag 17.11.2014:

Mario Drechsler of highendmedia pointed out that BasicColor already sells the Certproof OBA 120 matt paper, a proof substrate thats suitable for the proof of uncoated papers with optical brighteners for M0 and M1. It has been certified under the Certification of Proofing system BasicColor PPS by Fogra. On my request for the availability of GMG papers I have not received any news of GMG.

Nachtrag 9.12.2014:

GMG has answered in the meantime my request, and I was able to pick up a role of its GMG Proof semimatte 250 OBA. And also for the ONE ProofPaper I have now found a shop selling the substrate.

Matthias Betz

Matthias Betz

Born in 1970. Owner and CEO of Proof GmbH in Tübingen. Since the 1990s, Matthias is dealing with color management, proofing, standardized lightning technology, color-consistent work and soft proofing. He is a certified PDFX-ready Expert (X-1a and X-4) and a member of the examination board for media design at IHK Reutlingen. Proof GmbH is the first worldwide company certified for PSOCoatedV3 and PSOUncoatedV3 Contract Proofing.

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