Introduced new measuring technology: X-Rite SpectroProofer ILS30

With the new SpectroProofer ILS30 made by X-Rite, Proof GmbH has created the basis for automated measurements and Proof verifications according to M1 standard. Proofs with optical brighteners (OBAs – Optical Brightning Agents) can now be measured. Contrary to earlier announcements, the new SpectroProofer are also able to measure the current proofing standards as before in M0 measurement standard.

Because of the new ILS30 SpectroProofer, the layout of the Ugra / Fogra media wedge was slightly modified. For a comparison between old and new media wedge, see the image below.

Detailed X-Rite SpectroProofer ILS30 measuring head compared with X-Rite SpectroProofer ILS20
Detail Spectroproofer ILS30 front, ILS20 at the back
X-Rite Spectroproofer ILS30 Packaging
X-Rite Spectroproofer ILS30 Packaging


Calibration Tile Spectroproofer ILS 30
Calibration Tile Spectroproofer ILS 30
Detail X-Rite Spectroproofer ILS30 head
Detail X-Rite Spectroproofer ILS30 head


Difference Fiery XF 6.1 SpectroProofer ILS30 and ILS20 the Ugra / Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3
above: New Mediawedge. Below: Old Mediawedge

Difference Fiery XF 6.1 SpectroProofer ILS30 and ILS20 the Ugra / Fogra Media Wedge CMYK V3


Our SpectroProofer bear the serial numbers 556 and 683 and were certified in July 2014 by X-Rite. The measuring instruments are exchanged together with an individual measuring tile, which also carries the serial number of the meter respectively.

X-Rite Spectroproofer Certifikate Proof GmbH
X-Rite Spectroproofer Certifikate Proof GmbH


Already in the last few months we have also tested the previously available, new proofing papers. In addition to the Basic Color CertProof 120 OBA and the GMG Proof semimatte 250 OBA we tested also available recently papers from Tecco and chose them. Our Fogra Fogra 51 and 52 proofs we will produce in the EFI Proof Paper 8245OBA Semimatt and the EFI Proof Paper 8175OBA Matt.

Matthias Betz

Matthias Betz

Born in 1970. Owner and CEO of Proof GmbH in Tübingen. Since the 1990s, Matthias is dealing with color management, proofing, standardized lightning technology, color-consistent work and soft proofing. He is a certified PDFX-ready Expert (X-1a and X-4) and a member of the examination board for media design at IHK Reutlingen. Proof GmbH is the first worldwide company certified for PSOCoatedV3 and PSOUncoatedV3 Contract Proofing.

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  1. Hello,
    I’ll be very interested about your recertification agreement with XRite in such fields.
    I also purchased some ILS30 and nobody (EPSON, X-RITE) seems to agree on a possible maintenance contract or annual certification for these products; which is a shame according to my opinion due to the fact these are professional tools. So, I was wondering if you had to deal with such problems on your own side.
    Many thanks beforehand for your answers.
    Mit Freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards.

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