Easy conversion of Pantone – HKS – CMYK – RGB with Adobe Photoshop

Farbbücher Auswahl in Adobe Photoshop CC: HKS, Pantone, CMYK und vieles mehr

More often the question arises as to what kind of Pantone colour corresponds to the HKS 43 K. Or what CMYK value? And what kind of web color in RGB?

If you own Adobe Photoshop, you can do these conversions directly there. In Photoshop CC all well-known color books are stored with values.

Let’s assume we are looking for the Pantone equivalent and the matching CMYK color of HKS 43 K.

1: Open the color palette in Adobe Photoshop and select HKS K as the book and then the color HKS 43 K. All well-known colour books are directly stored in Photoshop.

Farbauswahl von HKS 43 K im Buch HKS K in Adobe Photoshop CCThe color corresponds to a Lab value of 26/29/-79 and a CMYK value is already stored here. Simply select the book HKS K Process:

Auswahl des Buches HKS K Process in Adobe Photoshop. Der CMYK Wert für HKS 43 K wird angezeigt.

2: If you do not select the book Pantone solid coated from HKS 43 K to CMYK but directly from the book selection menu, you will see the following result:

Das Farbbuch in Adobe Photoshop wird von HKS K auf Pantone solid coated umgeschaltet. HKS 43 K entspricht jetzt dem Pantone Wert Pantone 2736 C

As you can see, Photoshop automatically selects the Pantone color Pantone 2736 C, which corresponds best to HKS 43 K according to the stored Lab value. For comparison:

HKS 43 K in lab: 26/29/-79
Pantone 2736 C in rennet: 24/34/-70

Photoshop CC also includes the new Pantone+ colors. In the case of HKS 43 K, however, this makes no difference:

Auswahl des Farbbuches Pantone+ Solid Coated in Adobe Photoshop. Die entsprechende Pantone Farbe für HKS 43 K bleibt unverändert.

By the way: If you want to determine the CMYK value of a Pantone color, you can either switch to the book Pantone+ CMYK Coated, or simply press the color selector button on the right side..

Direkte Umrechnung von Pantone+ in CMYK mit dem Farbbuch Pantone+ CMYK Coated in Adobe Photoshop
Umrechnung von Pantone+ Solid Coated in CMYK über den Farbwähler in Adobe Photoshop

As you can see, the CMYK values differ slightly, since your Photoshop may have a different profile than Pantone’s reference profile. Also an RGB color value and a hex color value for the web are listed directly.

This allows you to switch quickly and easily between Pantone and HKS without having to have a fan at hand.

Important: All color values are only approximate values for a conversion and also depend on your color settings in Photoshop, for example. Especially for Pantone colours, the same colour may differ from fan 2012 to fan 2013. Never rely blindly on the values displayed.

Optimally you should therefore always check the result using current Pantone and HKS compartments or, in the case of a conversion to CMYK, verify it with a proof, for example.

In the Proof.de shop you can order CMYK proofs as well as proofs with Pantone and HKS colours. For example, you can compare Pantone colors and CMYK in the proof. But again, although our proofing system should be able to produce 98% of all Pantone colors, we consider 85% to be realistic. However, a comparison of Pantone and CMYK or HKS and CMYK has helped many customers a lot in their decision making for a color or a color value.

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